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<a href=""><h2>Virus Construction Kit - The Manual</h2></a>
<a href=""><h2>Virus Construction Kit - The Manual</h2></a>
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Gene delivery using viral vectors holds great promise for the treatment of acquired and inherited diseases. The human Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) is a small, non-pathogenic, single-stranded DNA virus gaining increasing attention being both versatile and effective. Taking current knowledge into account, we generated a recombinant, modularized, BioBrick-compatible AAV ‘Virus Construction Kit’. We provide parts for modified capsid proteins, targeting modules, tumor-specific promoters, and prodrug-activating enzymes as well as readily assembled vectors for gene delivery and production of non-replicative virus particles. The viral tropism is altered by N-terminal fusion or by loop replacement of the capsid proteins. Functionality of viruses constructed from our kit was demonstrated by fluorescent protein expression in infected cells and by prodrug-induced killing of tumor cells upon viral delivery of a thymidine kinase. Incorporating multiple layers of safety, we provide a general tool to the growing field of personalized medicine and demonstrate its use in tumor therapy.

Project Results

Customized therapeutic AAV Vectors![more]

Differential Tumor Targeting![more]

Prodrug-activated tumor cell killing![more]

Virus Construction Kit - The Manual

Everything you need to know about AAV vectors [more]

Statistics - In a Minute

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Modularization and modification of the viral capsids for retargeting approaches and directed gene delivery of suicide genes resulted in many different BioBricks.
Click here to explore them.


The aspect of biological safety was considered well and a risk assessment and security profile for the Adeno-associated Virus were created. Read more about Biosafety issues..


Only cloning and cell culture?

No! Besides BioBrick assembly, flow cytometry analysis, quantification based methos via ELISA or Western Blot and cytotoxicity assays have been performed
(go to Methods)


Fun and Science at the same time?

Yes! The iGEM team Freiburg did not only share the lab bench, but as well some nice days canoeing and initiated the photo contest Cuckoo Clock Competition


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