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Full Name: William Galdric Rostain

Aliases: Frenchie

Code Name: The Fool

Occupation: Biologist (Biotech)

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 14/08/89

Weight: Dunno

Blood Type: O-negative... I think

Height: 5'6

Handedness: Right

Hair Colour: Brown

Nationality: British / French

Eye Colour: Blue

Alignment: Happy hippy

  Appearance: Flying lemur

  Psych. Profile: Loves flying and eating tasty fruit

  Personal History: Born in London to a Geordie mum and French dad. Lived in Paris till I was 18. Since then I study in Edinburgh.

  Modus Operandi: Jumps, spreads arms and legs out, glides to next tree, catches on to branch, eats tasty fruit. Then starts again.
                                  Also likes hanging from a branch and resting, wrapped in his cloak.

  Witness Comments: Will's been early two days in a row! Somebody call the authorities, the world's coming to an end!
                                        You kick that ball one more time and it and you are both going through the window.
                                        "Iiii've gotta feelin'! That tonight's gonna be a good niight. That tonight's gonna be a good good ni-i-iight!"
                                        Don't be so scared, it's only Gilbert...

  Greatest Obsessions: People with dreadlocks

  Annoying Quirks: Always early

  Superpower: Teleportation

  Favourite Sport: Football

  Favourite Football Team: Hibs

  Favourite Phrase: Was' crackin

  Favourite Books: 1984

  Favourite Films: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  Items to take to desert island: A hammock

  Attitude towards Johnny Depp: Unknown

  Most hated singer / song: "Tonight's gonna be a good night...." I'll kill whoever wrote that.. and whoever sings it since it's probably not the
                                                    same person

  Tea?: Yes, please