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Full Name: Sarah Hunt

Aliases: Sizzle, Saratical

Code Name: The Ghost

Occupation: Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 24/12/88

Weight: Unknown

Blood Type: Red

Height: Unknown

Handedness: Right (left to eat)

Hair Colour: Brunette

Nationality: Scottish

Eye Colour: Green / brown

Alignment: Shambles

  Appearance: ...guides your sleigh at night

  Psych. Profile: Unknown

  Personal History: Unknown

  Modus Operandi: Unknown

  Witness Comments: Judging by the rest of the page, she's slightly secretive...

  Greatest Obsessions: Speed (as in going fast... don't want to start any rumours)

  Annoying Quirks: I had a skiing accident & now my neck clicks... it's pretty horrible. Apologies in advance

  Superpower: Telepathy

  Favourite Sport: Rugby, XC mtb, Skiing

  Favourite Football Team: Barcelona...sort of

  Favourite Phrase: Saaweeet!, lets bounce

  Favourite Books: Not got a favourite - currently reading 'the loop' by Nicholas Evans. Don't read it, it's rubbish

  Favourite Films: Shutter Island, The Pianist, Fight Club, 21 grams, Memento, Notting Hill, American History X, Clerks

  Items to take to desert island: Prison Break box set, unlimited cold Magners ontap, suncream (bliss!)

  Attitude towards Johnny Depp: Slightly camp, good actor, beard or no beard?

  Most hated singer / song: Lily Allen, Mika & that other really annoying one that sings 'murder on the dancefloor'

  Tea?: Strong & milky... coffee's better though