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Full Name: Matthew James Coombes

Aliases: Coombesie, Gessler, Monk, Rain Man, Loki, Kiwi

Code Name: The Artist

Occupation: Designer (Product, Furniture, Public Engagement, Speculative),
                       Design Researcher, Artist, ...

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 1978

Weight: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Height: 185cm (6'1)

Handedness: Right

Hair Colour: Brown

Nationality: Kiwi and British

Eye Colour: Blue

Alignment: Off centre

  Appearance: In a book

  Psych. Profile: Dubious

  Personal History: The stories I could tell :)

  Modus Operandi: Psychological

  Witness Comments: Five-dimensional modelling. Five-dimensional modelling. Five-dimensional modelling.
                                        Apparently would benefit from having an Eastern-Polish wife (that isn't Marta).
                                        The majority of the reason not to.
                                        Who ate all the muffins??

  Greatest Obsessions: Understanding, pushing buttons, chocolate

  Annoying Quirks: Why?

  Superpower: Changing people's visual perceptions, apparently

  Favourite Sport: Squash, volleyball, rugby, tennis, capoeira, Argentine tango (if you can call that a sport)((Yeah, 'cause that gives me another
                                 one to claim))

  Favourite Football Team: N/A

  Favourite Phrase: 'Indeed', 'Such is life'

  Favourite Books: Immortality, Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Trial, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Norwegian Wood, ...

  Favourite Films: Delicatessen, Princess Bride, Magnolia, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Leaving Las Vegas, Fight Club, ...

  Items to take to desert island: Unknown

  Attitude towards Johnny Depp: Good actor (Marta, how did you manage to get this in here?)

  Most hated singer / song: Hate is a strong word, I tend not to use it

  Tea?: No thanks