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Full Name: 卢萌 Meng Lu


Code Name: The Investigator

Occupation: Chemical Engineer

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Feb 11th

Weight: 68kg

Blood Type: Normal type

Height: 180cm

Handedness: Partly left-handed

Hair Colour: Black

Nationality: 中国 China

Eye Colour: Black

Alignment: Unknown

  Appearance: Unknown

  Psych. Profile: Unknown

  Personal History: Unknown

  Modus Operandi: Unknown

  Witness Comments: Timing is everything.

  Greatest Obsessions: Sea

  Annoying Quirks: Unknown

  Superpower: Running extremely quickly

  Favourite Sport: Swimming, football, badminton

  Favourite Football Team: Juventus

  Favourite Phrase: 莽莽苍苍, 日月同辉 Endless wilderness with both moon and sun shining

  Favourite Books: A Dream in Red Mansions

  Favourite Films: Not blockbusters...

  Items to take to desert island: American soldier

  Attitude towards Johnny Depp: Waht is that or who is that? @@!

  Most hated singer / song: Unknown

  Tea?: OK, thank you!