Full Name: Donal Stewart

Aliases: None

Code Name: The Mercenary

Occupation: Software Engineer

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: A long, long time ago

Weight: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Height: 6'2-ish

Handedness: Depends on weapon

Hair Colour: Brown with grey bits :)

Nationality: Celt

Eye Colour: Blueish... probably

Alignment: Unknown

  Appearance: Tends to wear black on occasion

  Psych. Profile: Unknown

  Personal History: Mature student, taking a holiday from the real world

  Modus Operandi: Unknown

  Witness Comments: The most badass software engineer you'll see north of the equator (and probably south of it as well.)
                                        I'm still convinced he's just Sephiroth in disguise...
                                        Bloody seagulls.

  Greatest Obsessions: Good software engineering practices

  Annoying Quirks: Continually evangelising the above

  Superpower: Electrokinesis

  Favourite Sport: Martial arts (karate, swordfighting)

  Favourite Football Team: Uninterested in football

  Favourite Phrase: Unknown

  Favourite Books: Anathem (Neal Stephenson) or most of David Brin or Iain M. Banks' books

  Favourite Films: Kuro-Obi, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Iron Man, ...

  Items to take to desert island: Unknown

  Attitude towards Johnny Depp: Who?

  Most hated singer / song: Unknown

  Tea?: Yeah, OK