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Throughout this wiki there are words in bold that indicate a relevance to human aspects. It will become obvious that human aspects are a part of almost everything in iGEM.


Mexico UNAM-Genomics

Our collaborators on this project were Mexico UNAM-Genomics, who have been absolute stars this summer and supplied us with half the things this project needed to actually work in any way.

In late June it became apparent that Mexico were doing exactly the same project on bacterial light communication as we were. And when I say exactly, I mean down to each individual biobrick. Of course, we first panicked, then decided, since we were never going to complete this project ourselves, that we should contact them. This we did, and immediately emailed them.

It turned out that Mexico had seen our project too and were also interested in collaboration. We held a Skype conference in mid July to discuss where to take the project. Both teams wanted to hold their own in the project as appearing too dependant on another team may have hurt our chances at the Jamboree. The agreement was to share DNA and some characterisation data but to otherwise continue working as before.

The parts

By the time we had our Skype conference,