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Blue Light Producer


Empty edinbrick vector for control.

  • LuxAB + edinbrick ligation.


an update on LuxAB:

  • The transformations of Edinbrick are fine but all the luxABs failed (grew blue, not white on Xgal and did not glow, as of 27/7)/
  • Still have some digested LuxAB-ediI so re-did ligation and transformation.

Gel Pic- minipreps

Lane 1&15 Lane 2 Others
Ladder EdiI LuxAB


Lane 1 Lane 2 +3 Lanes 3-6
Ladder EdiI LuxAB
  • The ligation had the same gel characteristics as previous luxAb-ediI ligations, e.x. it isn't visivle- not hopeful of this transformation working


12/8/2010 update on LumP:

  • still getting pink/red colonies from transformants
  • single digests give a band of about 3kb
  • double digests give a band of about 2.5 kb -highly confusing
  • and also, no sign on RFP despite red/pink growth.
  • Vector wa ssequenced and LumP is definately there.

gel pohot no x and y + description.