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Future Work: Refining the models

Refine model with characterisation data - models not only as design and prototyping tools, but also as fundamental components of iterative process in which they help predict and influence biological decisions, and are in turn updated and improve understanding via the characterisation data obtained (draw parallels to software engineering - extreme programming, in which models are only made as needed (iGEM) vs. model-driven development, in which models form core of development process - both have advantages according to the situation, but would be good to promote the latter for longer projects).

Perform further analysis to try to answer relevant biological questions, increase scope of modelling (i.e. 3D structural modelling of proteins such as light receptors, energy-based modelling involving thermodynamics and kinetic states).

Future Work: The "Virtual Registry"

Formalise Ty Thomson's unofficial framework for modelling BioBricks in Kappa, possibly by submitting as a RFC, along with developing an associated "Virtual Registry" of characterised parts, devices, and models.