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iGEM survey

The following email was sent out to as many iGEM team members as possible.

Below are some examples of responses to the four simple questions. These questions were designed to be quick and easy so as to get the most reponses back possible. They could be useful in several ways for teams and perhaps iGEM itself.

Responses to:
What did you think of when you heard the word ‘jamboree’ before iGEM?
"Nothing; I checked the meaning at dictionary".
"That jamboree does not fit to the huge ammount of work from the last few month".
"Boy scouts as i think it's the only context i've heard of it being used".
"A hip coffee, for some reason".
"big and maybe noisy party"

Responses to:
Could the iGEM logo be better?
"No, its fine".
"Definitely, I think it can be better designed, with something more appealling than a cell and cogs. Besides, I think the colors could be changed to get a more professional and appealling look".

Responses to:
Should collaboration in iGEM be compulsory?
"Yes I think is part of iGEM spirit; no only get a colaboration but interaction between teams".
"No. My opinion is that as a competition individual groups are working towards their own goals. To collaborate with another group blurs that definition of which group is competing under what aims. At the same time, I think it's important to cultivate an ethos of sharing and collaboration as the Science we do could not progress if people didn't share their work and ideas".
"I do not think it should be compulsory, but it could be encouraged".
"I think that the collaboration is one of the aims of the competition and leads to a fast development of the field. So, I think that it is good the compulsory collaboration".
"No, I think every team knows if they want to collaborate or not, it's up to everybody to decide".

Responses to:
In what way will this competition affect your future work?
"It's been a great lab experience and given me a head start to my industrial placement. It has also given me a general idea of what it's like doing research and the effort needed to carve a career out of it. In terms of the subject, it's made me aware of the field of Synthetic Biology although i'm not convinced it's an area that i would like to work in".
"Know how to communicate with people from different field to accomplish a project, and get to make more friends".
"It'll definitely open many doors professionally for me, because of the experience I've gotten, the contacts I've made and the fact that I'm part of this huge event".


Throughout this wiki there are words in bold that indicate a relevance to human aspects. It will become obvious that human aspects are a part of almost everything in iGEM.