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The green luciferase will require the combination of luxAB with the production of another protein: YFP from ''Vibrio fischeri''. This will shift the wavelength of the light towards the yellow spectrum, making it the correct colour to activate our green light sensor. We are having this DNA sequence synthesised and hope to BioBrick it as part of our submission to the registry.

Since the wild type luciferase naturally emits in the green light part of the visible spectrum, it could also potentially excite a green light sensor. Since the limiting factor for light communication between bacteria is probably the amount of light produced, we are planning on introducing 3 mutations into the luciferase that increase the brightness in vitro by a factor of 12.5. We are getting this part synthesised, which will also optimise codons for expression in E coli, which should help to increase the amount of light emitted. (see Fujii et al, 2007).

Fujii, H., K. Noda, et al. (2007). "Increase in bioluminescence intensity of firefly luciferase using genetic modification." Analytical Biochemistry 366(2): 131-136.