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ESBS - Strasbourg

Visual explanation


All animation were modeled in blender 2.54 beta. Blender is a open source program for 3D animation.
The two videos cover the assembly of the ClpXP system and the degradation of the tagged protein. It is important to note that protein proportions a molecular structure are not entirely respected in the animation. Also the change of the phytochrome B conformation from the Pf state into the Pfr state is symbolized by a change of color. However, the hexametric structure of ClpX and the heptametrical structure of ClpP were schematically shown. Pictures x and y give a better understanding between the molecular structure and the schematic animation. Picture x describes the modeled system in detail. Picture x describes the protein in detail.

Molecular Structure of the System

The left shows the molecular structure of the ClpX hexamere fused to the phytochrome B and the
schematic image in the animation

Molecular structure of one unit (assembled biobrick) of our system.

This shows the molecular structure of the trimetric unit of the ClpX fused to phytochrome B
and the schematic image in the animation.

Light controllable protease

This picture shows a detailed information about the animated ClpXP system. Phytochrome B in the inactive state and the ClpP are in a bright petrol color. The ClpX unit is shown in a dark petrol color. The conformation change of the phytochrome B from the Pf to the Pfr state is shown with a color change.