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ESBS - Strasbourg

ESBS-Strasbourg would like to thank all the people who have generously provided their support:
Pr. Annie-Paule Sibler
We thank Assistant-Professor Annie-Paule Sibler very much for her invaluable help regarding adjustments of protocols and troubleshooting. Special thank goes to her, for her extraordinary effort in rising up our lab and in supplying us with lab material.
Pr. Bruno Chatton
We would like to thank Professor Bruno Chatton ( for his technical support in our project, his advises on our cloning strategy and general lab tricks. Your great help has been really appreciated.
Pr. Claude Kedinger
We are thankful to Professor Claude Kedinger, Dean of the ESBS, for standing firmly behind the team concerning all project aspects and to the ESBS administration (Lydie Habillon, Brigitte Daul, Clair Guth and Monique Maurer) for their considerable help.
Pr. Georges Orfanoudakis
We are grateful to Professor Georges Orfanoudakis for his advises on protein expression and purification experiments and for his material support concerning this matter.
Pr. Stephan Kircher
We are regardful to Professor Stephan Kircher (University of Freiburg, Germany) for lending a red and far red light LED interface to us for our characterization experiments and giving us the PIF3 gene.
Dr. Tania Baker
The interactions with Professor Tania A. Baker (MIT, USA) on the light inducible system have been very beneficial. We would like to thank for her multiple responses and her experimental support by sending to us two different E. coli ClpX knock-out strains.
Visit The Baker's Lab WebSite
Dr. Wilfried Weber
We like to thank Professor Wilfried Weber (BIOSS Freiburg, Germany) for taking the time to meet with us, for giving us advices on our project and for supporting us with the PIF6 and the phytochrome genes and the PCB chromophore extract.