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ESBS - Strasbourg

Team organization

Team organization

The efficient organization of a team is a vital point for the success of every major project. As the most of us study at the trinational school ESBS we communicated between several different countries in three languages (English, French and German). In order to distribute tasks, solving problems and scheduling the work, achievements and the things to do we used two different software which help us in this process.


OpenProj is a free open source management program. It has similar functions like Microsoft Project and was used especially in the beginning of our project to plan the upcoming tasks. Each task can be given a certain start date and duration of days. Several tasks can be interconnected together to form a sequential order. This program is extremely useful when planning what/how be done at what time and also it is a reminder when certain tasks should be finished. These tasks can be projected in several different ways. The first picture shows the global time schedule we had created in the end of June. The second picture is the projection of the same schedule as a flow chart.

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Zoho was used as a communication platform. It includes a calendar, an organizer and forum where all main tasks can be discussed. It was useful to organize the work not just in discussion but also in written forms which were accessible for all team members even when they were not able to participate in certain meetings.