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Contibution to project by team members

  • Students (in alphabetical order)
    • Timea Beregi
    • Erika Berényi: I prepared some psB1A3-TRECMV-polyA plasmid constructs, and prepared western blots after tranfection. I uploaded description from PUMA to the wiki.
    • Shun Chieh Liu
    • Lior Malka - Wiki design and programming,Culture team,Wiki Video Project design,Parts Registry modulator.
    • Daniel Markovits - Wiki design and graphics, Help for teams PCR, Cell Culture and Luciferase teams, Video Project Narrator
    • Katalin Nagy
    • Lilla Ozgyin
    • Katalin Sandor
  • Student Team Coordinators (in alphabetical order)
    • Bence Daniel
    • Kristoff Endre
    • Yakir Guri
    • Ophir Keret - Intiated project together with Balint.L.Balint, Team recruitment, project selection, work planning and coordination, team tutorials, labwork supervision, in silico design/modeling of the parts, construction of the expression vector, PCR work, Chief wiki editor, contributed to wiki writings (abstract, introduction, minimals, on the media).
  • Team Instructors (in alphabetical order)
    • Balint L. Balint - Initiated the project, made the team recruitment, fund raising, some of the PR, laboratory setup, helped shaping the project, seting up of the team. I supervised the first lab experiments and planned some of the experiments later on, ordered parts and reagents, organized finances, organized administrative issues of the trip. Supervised wiki and partsregistry work.
    • Peter Brazda
    • Mate Demeny
    • Gabor Zahuczky