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                                                     Date:October 6th 2010

TITLE : iGEM meeting team  Debrecen

Fellow iGEM team, here is a summary of our last team meeting:

1.      present at the meeting :Endre, Kata N, ShunChieh, Lior, Ophir(skype), Yakir(skype), Daniel M, Bence,   

         Erika, Kata S, Lilla, Balint

         The meeting took place from 18:30  to 21:00

2.      discussed the following:

         Deadlines for subprojects-working wiki Oct 11

                                                    Parts Submission Oct 20

                                                    Poster and presentation Oct 27

                                                    Judging form and wiki freeze Oct 27     

          Shortage of money for supplementary materials such as T-shirts

          Shortage of Pocket Money

         3 weeks left till the 27, the following weeks should be intensive, so everyone should work hard and not to       

         postpone work.

         Problems with the wiki script, wiki team have to make efforts to finish it until the 11th of Oct.

        Suggestion - that everyone in the team will be responsible for 1-3 wiki pages in order to stand in the


        Visa-Hungarian members should check the US embassy site for ESTA and make sure everyone has it


4.      The following assignments were given :



        Cloning(Oct 15)- Bence and Endre – have 15 basic parts,5 fused parts(Gal4-NHR8 in PSB1C3, Gal4-NHR23 in     

         PSB1C3, Gal4-PXR in PSB1C3, TRE-CMV-PolyA in PSB1C3, TRE-CMV-PolyA in PSB1A3

         EcR should be in the highest priority

       Sequencing(Oct 20)-bence and ophir

       Plasmid growth(Oct 15)-Lilla,Endre,Kata N

       Parts submission(Oct 20) – Bence and Peter



  Luciferase – have to be done till 20 of Oct


      -check for Luciferase assay amount(Peter)

      -wiki parts-(Lior) basic parts with description availible, everyone should check their own parts for QA and 






  -Presentation-we decided to make conservative presentation and later by Prezi

                        By next Friday cloning team should make presentation work

  -Poster- after  presentation is done.

  -getting to the airport- Erica, Kata S should serach for the best deal available.

  -T-shirts- Lilla, Timi


Wiki Work

-Final working wiki(oct 15) – lior, Daniel, ophir, yakir. the final code should be coordinated by Daniel

-Video protocol page- Yakir

-Pictures – Liu , the team members who need to photo identification of themselves are Daniel, Erica, Kata, Lilla, 

  Timi, Gabor, Mate.

-Short description from each member of the group should be given to ophir according to the writing rules.


Videos – we have 11 final videos + 5 scripts

-checking scripts – Peter

-voice – Daniel M

-the following members should help yakir – Lilla(ligand treatment), Liu(Scripts), Endre(PCR)

-Uploading videos to youtube.







Lior Malka












                                                     Date:July 16 2010

TITLE : iGEM meeting team  Debrecen


Lilla, Kata, Aron, Liu, Yakir, Bence, Kata, Timi, Alexa, Dorottya, Ophir, Lior

Part I:

Kata's nagy resolutions:

1. Make your work and then leave the lab free environment 

2. Do not socialize in the Lab

3. Ask question as much as possible! one should understand the work one is doing

4.Clean the surface after finished the work

5. Inform about the work you are expected to do (how many wells on the gel, etc.)

6. Update your lab log, in such a way that others could follow it when needed


Part II:

Pairing up:

Pairs will 'cover' for each other

Pairs will present theirs problems and troubleshooting on the daily meetings

Pairs will get informed personally from the decision making to execution

Pairs will take full responsibility over theirs projects activities


Kata- Aron

Liu- Yakir

Bence- Kata

Timi-Alexa- Dorottya

Erika- Kristof Endre

Ophir- Lior











                                                     Date:July 9th 2010

TITLE : iGEM meeting team  Debrecen

Fellow iGEM team, here is a summary of our last team meeting:

1.      Who was at the meeting :Endre, Gabor, Kata N, ShunChieh, Aron, Lior,

       Ophir, Yakir, Daniel, Bence, Erika, Dorty, Kata S, Alexa, Lilla

       The meeting took place from___16_ to __18___

2.      We discussed the following administrative issues:

       A.  The money from oil sand will arrive next week

       B.   Prof. Nagy will help covering 2 student’s traveling fee

       C. Our new schedule have been made and we will have our unofficial meeting starting

            from 8:30 AM and 2 official meetings, one before noon and one in the

           end of the  day , all these will begin to apply from next week on

       D. Sponsorship of HOK and FMSA are in progress


3.      The following scientific  presentations were made:

        A. The advance of the wiki team, the template has been made – Daniel 

        B. The progress of the video team, first video about transformation – Yakir

        C. The results of the three teams - Balint       

The following people who are underlined have acquired the abilities, and they should   coach other students who are obliged to do the work

            transfection: Lilla, Alexa, Kata S. Lior, Endre, Erika

            Calculation: Bence, Endre, KataS, Lilla, Erika, Lior    

            Lysis: KataS, Daniel, Bence

            Luciferase analysis: KataS, Daniel, Bence 

            Miniprep: KataN, Lior,

            PCR: Shun-Chieh, Alexa

            Restriction/Ligation: Ophir, Shun-Chieh


        D. information about how to ligate our parts – Balint

        E. issues regarding the ethics in the lab -  Kata Nagy    

4.      The following assignments were given :

        A. Making a introduction video next week– Ophir

        B. Write the protocols before Monday morning – everyone

        C. Vote for our logo – everyone        

        D. The video team will need one person to help out and some scientific consultation       

        E. The cloning team will need help in making solutions from other team

        F. Everyone should be able to perform their works which they were assigned to, e.g. the people  in transfection team should know the calculation, and  the luciferase fellows should know the lysis and make the analysis of the result.

        G. Assist in sponsorship – Kata Nagy

































                                                     Date:June 30  2010

TITLE : iGEM meeting team  Debrecen


Fellow iGEM team, here is a summary of our last team meeting (30.6.10, 14:00):

1.   The following member attended the meeting: Kata S. Kata N, Timi B, Shun CL. Endre K, Ophir K, Lilla O and Balint LB.  The meeting took place from 14:00 to 15:00.


2. We discussed the following administrative issues (AKA agenda’s):

  • Feedback about working habits:
    • Notebooks- TDK student do not use their notebooks as often as they should. This causes a problem in information flow,
    • End of the day- Students should make it a habit to inform their team correspondent of their day’s work and it’s progression before leaving for the day.
    • Meetings- The meeting delegate (lior) and the schedule coordinator (ophir) will arrive at team meetings earlier (20 min) in aim of better meeting organization.
  • Today’s work to be done was discussed (see action items)            
  • Subteam’s students will have to undertake individual responsibilities. This will promote each individual’s work quality. This item will be expanded in the next end of week meeting. Eg. Timi from the cloning team will be responsible for electrophoresis        

3. Action items:

A.    Change of working habits (end of day, notebook’s and pre- meetings) as described above should be undertaken by all of the TDK students

B.     Today’s wetlab work will be split into two teams:

I.                          The cloning team will make another electrophoresis to confirm the results of the maxi prep done on Monday (Kata N. and Timi B.) . An inoculation will be made from the biobrick transformation done yesterday (Ophir K., Dorka and Lior M).

II.                       The cell culturing team will do more plating, and a transfection with the plasmids isolated from the maxi prep done at the beginning of the week (Lilla, Shun, Endre, Kata S.)

III.                    A scheduale for the next week would be revealed on Friday morning on the gmail calendar, everyone should inspect it.


Ophir Keret



























                                                             Date:June 25  2010

TITLE : iGEM meeting team  Debrecen


Dear Team, here is a summary of our recent igem meeting, and I attached a simplified scheme of our future work

  1. The following team member were present:Lior, Shun-Chieh, Kata Nagy,Kata Sandor, Bence,  Timea, Erika, Lilla,  Ophir, Peter , Daniel, Endre, Gabor, Yakir, Mate
  2. The meeting took place from 17:30-18:30
  3. The following scientific presentations were made:
    1. The scheme of upcoming task in July- given by Balint.
    2.  Navigate the registry to show where to find the team experience tutorial and protocols  – given by Balint
  4. The following administrative updates were given:
    1. The oil sand initiative has agreed to give us a grant $10,000 
    2. set up 3 research teams ( bacteria work, cell culture, luciferase assay)- the detail are saved in our google account document
    3. discussed the time of presence of everyone for next week - most of us are available from the afternoon next week
    4. the invited professors will come from next week on.
    5. the group pictures were made
  5. Assignments and tasks to be done:
    1. read the registry "help" page about the team experience tutorial and the protocols ("at the bench" section)- Everyone
    2. everyone has to be available after 14:00 next week, and bring the laptops- Everyone














                                                             Date:June 19  2010

TITLE : iGEM meeting team  Debrecen

Dear Team, here is a summary of our recent igem meeting.

  1. The following team member were present: Balint, Lior, Liu , Kata S.,
    Bence, Kata N., Ericka , Yakir, Ophir , Lilla, Daniel , Kristof  and Gabor
  2. The meeting took place from 17:00-19:00
  3. The following scientific presentations were made:
    1. Building systems from standard parts (Tom Knight)- given by Balint.
    2. Part design tutorial, using the registry tutorial – given by Balint
  4. The following administrative updates were given:
    1. The funding option of the oil sand initiative has been presented- more results by the beginning of this week.
    2. Update regarding the MOL funding option from the AKG team
    3. The funding option of making laboratory tutorial video’s for Roche Hungary (in exchange, Roche would fund some of our project costs).
    4. The newspaper article was presented.
    5. This week- 9am, Tuesday  22nd of June will be a three day lab tutorial for the following six team membersDaniel Markovitz, Lior Malka, Liu Shun Chieh, Székely Áron, Solyom Alexandra and Jakab Dorottya. Each student would have his own tutor. More details to be released soon.
    6. Monday the 28th, will be the first wet lab day. It would be used mostly for theoretical orientation. From that Monday on the igem work will be done on a daily basis.
  5. Assignments and tasks to be done:
    1. Design of the bricks handed by Lior using Balint’s technique- Everyone
    2. Sending everyone Tom Knights presentation and oil sand initiative- Balint
    3. Releasing the precise schedule of the tutorial lab days (June 22-24) and first week of wet lab (june 28th - july 2nd)- Ophir
    4. The following team members have volunteered to become delegates for special matters regarding team administration:

                                                               i.      Lior Malka - Team meetings delegate (making sure a summary goes out, live internet feed, coordinating meeting time and place).

                                                             ii.      Lior Malka and Balint- New bricks design delegate (spreading the exact gene names to be designed to each team member in goal of ordering the bricks).

                                                            iii.      Ophir Keret- Wet lab delegate (coordinate machine uses, timetable, results backup and literature storage).

                                                           iv.      Yakir Guri – Publicity and fundraising delegate (weekly updates on these issues, correspondence and coordination with possible fund/publicity sources).

                                                             v.      Lilla Ozgyin – Team moral delegate (organizing team dinners and other social activities, logo design, jamboree shirt/flag design)

                                                           vi.      Daniel Markovitz -Jamboree Trip delegate (organizing trip to Boston).

                                                          vii.       No one has volunteered for these delegates- Wiki delegate, video tutorial delegate.

                                                        viii.      Note: Being a delegate does not mean undertaking the entire workload but being responsible the work is done by using the human resources available


Ophir Keret















                                                             Date:May 7th   2010

TITLE : iGEM meeting team  Debrecen

Fellow iGEM team, here is a summary of our last Friday’s meeting:

1.      The following people were present in the meeting: no list available. The meeting started at 15:00 and ended at 16:30.

2.      We discussed the following administrative issues:

a.       A tour of the lab at which the summer work will take place

b.      Setting team goals: bringing back at least one prize from the Jamboree.

c.       Acquiring project funds. We will need substantial funds the range is aprox 15k USD, for this we will noeed local, hungarian and international sponsors.

d.      Get a local magazine publication.

e.       Coming spring workshop at France, June 12-13

f.       Uploading the videos from the 2009 spring workshop

g.      Generating an idea from a competition aspect.

h.      Urgency of creating a team wiki

i.        Making a format for documenting team meetings

j.        Initiating an instructor team written agreement

k.      Starting a weekly club were two previous iGEM teams would be presented by volunteers.

3.      The following scientific issues were presented:

a.       Yakir presented UC Davis 2009 iGEM team and concept about Celiac Disease.

b.      Balint presented certain videos about induced stem cell

 pluripotency. These videos were collected for the DNA day and they are available at:

4.      The following assignments were given:

a.       The instructors – tool box concept for the competition. Balint, Gabor and Erika will present 3 short presentations of 10 minutes about the available reagents, systems and tools in their laboratories.

b.      Ophir-  accepted to get used to the wiki system, share the instructional videos ( ) of 2009and prepare for the next week with his favourite price winer team which is Heidelberg. We would ask everyone to prepare for the next week by finding out what the Heidelberg team made. See more info here: Wiki:

                                                                          i.      Poster:

                                                                        ii.      Poster presentation:

                                                                      iii.      Talk:  

c.       Bence- will preape too with his favourite team project and makes next week presentation.

d.      Yakir will find out about how to get some publicity in the Medicus Lap- magazine. Here is what he found out:

 “Hello We will make some group images, all together; separate images (of each one of us) are advisable - for this, you could send to me an image, which will be reasonably sized to fit a rather small space on wiki sidebar or a magazine edge.


Dear iGEM members,

As was discussed in the last meeting, we are going to prepare an article for the newspaper ('Medicus Lap'), and to progress with the Wiki webpage.

For this, it is essential to take an image of all the group together and some images separately, (if one has own image he/she would like to submit it is possible).

e.       Lior – publishing a summary.- here it is!

f.       Balint – Writing a web based questionnaire regarding each individual willingness and work boundaries, writing a meeting summary document format. A third questionnaire about who wants to attend the spring workshop. I merged all the question in the following questionaire:

g.      Everyone- Answering the format.



Lior Malka



Updated with links and progress: Balint Balint.