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iGEM Davidson – Missouri Western 2010: Tools

The team has designed several tools in conjunction with our iGem project.

Construct Simulation

In order to better understand our fluorescent protein - TetA constructs, we designed a simulation of the cre-lox system. This simulation allows the user to test our pre-determined constructs as well as custom constructs from any number of promoters, lox sites, fluorescent proteins, essential genes, and/or terminators. The program will then show either a single, animated simulation that will allow the user to see how the lox sites interact, or it will run many simulations and then generate a histogram that shows the distribution of what fluorescent proteins were expressed. In addition, if the user chooses to include weights for the "items" and a capacity for the knapsack the program will tell you whether or not your construct has exceeded the capacity. In order to run the program, download the jar file. To see the actual percentages behind the histogram, the program needs to be run through a command line tool, but other than that simply double clicking the jar file to run it should be sufficient.