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Divergent promoters from Gifsy1 phage and GogR repressor

Expression of any gene located upstream of this BioBrick will not be expressed. However, any gene located downstream will be expressed. Gifsy1 is a temperate phage present in many of the Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium strains. This part contains the Gifsy1 promoters and the Gifsy1 repressor. The promoters are divergent; consisting of pR[Gifsy1] and pRM[Gifsy1]. Downstream of the pRM[Gifsy1] promoter is the repressor gogR. gogR binds to the operator regions located between the two divergent promoters and is predicted to act both as an activator of the pRM[Gifsy1] and a repressor of the pR[Gifsy1]. The regulatory system is similar to the one found in lambda phages but induction is repressor cleavage independent. Instead small lexA regulated anti-repressor proteins bind to the repressor and prevents its DNA activity. The part has been used and tested in E. Coli.



Divergent promoters from Gifsy2 phage and GtgR repressor


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