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Welcome to the DTU iGEM wiki!

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Welcome to the DTU-DENMARK iGEM team wiki. Here we present everything about our project, the team, how we have contributed to improve the registry of standard biological parts, and much more.

Furthermore we have constructed and submitted four very useful biobricks to the registry.

The Team
Our team consists of six students in biotechnology and systems biology engineering, and we are the first team from the Technical University of Denmark. Please check out our team page to read more about us and our advisors.

The project has been done by a synthetic biology approach, and genetic components from diverse organisms have been assembled to build a genetic device. Synthetic biology is an increasingly significant area of research that can broadly be defined as an engineering approach to biology, with the goal of designing and implementing new cellular behaviors.

Quick Update

August 14th, 2010
Pictures have been posted so check out our picture gallery!

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