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Week 12: Monday 27th September- Sunday 3rd October



We had begun to collaborate with the UNAM-Genomics_Mexico team, they have catalogued our communications in detail. We had given them advice on protocols but they were not having any more success so at their request Peter sent them DNA for 5 constructs, luxCDABE and Luciferase and LREs from both Luciola cruciata and Photinus pyralis with and without promoters.

Paul's plate reader experiments continued to give somewhat unexpected results, with an increase in light emission which seemed to be correlated with entry into stationary phase. We wanted to know if this was some strange promoter effect or a feature of the luciferase pathway. For these purposes Emily and Bill attempted to assemble fluorescent proteins both under pBAD alone and under pBAD with the rest of the operon. Paul set up another plate reader experiment with a wide range of arabinose concentrations used for induction. Will performed further site-directed mutagenesis of LC luciferase, in case Ben's failed.