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Week 11: Monday 20th - Sunday 26th September




Theo made a video of the bacterial bubble lamp, set up in the lab. He also attempted to ligate pBAD to EPIC luciferase, which had so far failed. He was pleased to find that he managed to change the colour of LC luciferase to green in a previous experiment, but had only a single colony so plated this out again.



To our surprise the EPIC pBAD was reddish, we made up a culture for sequencing to check that it was indeed EPIC, Theo performed a colony PCR which seemed to suggest it was. Ben and then Theo attempted to change the colour of LC luciferase from wildtype. Theo got good results for the attempt to change the 433rd amino acid, he performed Gibson assembly and transformation.




Theo retransformed his Gibson reaction because of contaminated SOC media. Paul and Peter put on a plate reader experiment to test the uptake of luciferin at a range of pHs. Emily sent DNA for sequencing and started biobrick assembly of pBAD with the separated luciferase and LREs from DNA2.0, as well as Theo's EPIC luciferase with LRE.



Our sequencing results today were very exciting, because they showed that our attempt to separate the luciferases from LREs from DNA2.0 had been successful! Hooray! Emily continued with biobrick assembly to put these and EPIC luciferase+LRE under a promoter (after running out of pBAD and forgetting to restrict some things yesterday). Peter was doing excellent t-shirt design and Ben continued looking into some human practises stuff. Paul continued with modelling and analysing results from the plate reader.



Peter was in communication with the Mexico UNAM Genomics iGEM team today because he was sending the DNA from most of our light producing parts we'd made over the summer. Mexico needed some working light output to test their communication project and so we were happy to help. After the success of the week's biobrick assembly Emily continued in her quest to finish typing up the lab book.

And of course, it was dress-up-Friday. Theo made sure to make the effort this week.