Team:Calgary/5 August 2010


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Thursday August 5, 2010


OBTAINED COLONIES! Six colonies from each of the four plates were chosen to be tested for the correct construct (K135000+I13504 or K135000+I13507) by means of a colony PCR.


Today I ran a PCR of the following templates: plasmids containing MalE and MalE 31 with the signal sequence deleted. The primers are specific to signal sequence deleted MalE and MalE 31 genes.


Today, I spent the day contacting sponsors and preparing the sponsorship letters that would be used to contact the different faculties. I found colonies of the pSB1AC3 and pSB1AK3 from the registry and made overnight cultures to be Miniprepped tomorrow. Finally, I began the digest of the CpxP promoter in preparation of inserting it into a plasmid.


I did a miniprep of the plasmid switched pRFP overnights then I did a PCR of plasmid as well as a restriction digest using EcoRI and SpeI. Then I ran the 0.8% gel at 90V. The gel failed as all that was amplified was an empty plasmid. I will try to restrict again using all NEB enzymes and buffers because we ran out of invitrogen halfway. In order to get more product I am doing a gradient PCR of pRFP again and will try to PCR purify tomorrow using the vacuum method. I also designed the biography page on the wiki today.

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