Team:Calgary/22 October 2010


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Friday October 22, 2010


This morning Chris and I went to Churchill High School where we did a presentation at their Science Cafe. We talked a bit about Synthetic Biology, iGEM and a bit about our project in general. The students seemed quite interested and we had a ton of questions about iGEM and various iGEM projects. This afternoon I made competant cells with the ibpAB-I13504 plasmid in them. We made both electrocompetant cells as well as chemically competant Calcium chloride cells. Today we also constructed all of the registry parts that we want to submit into the psB1C3 vector. After digestion and Antarctic Phosphotase treatment of the vector, I ligated, transformed into TOP10 E. Coli cells and then plated on Chloramphenicol plates. Today we also spent a fair bit of time looking into what functional testing has been done on our system up to date and deciding what more needs to be accomplished over the next few days and how we are ging to do that.