Unfinished BioBricks

Mutated virA

The virA gene is mutated by error prone PCR and screened for several phenolic substances (e.g. capsaicin and homovanillic acid). The goal is to receive highly specific and sensitive mutated virA receptors by directed evolution. The virA will be under the control of a constitutive promoter (BBa_J23110).

Plasmid with R6K origin of replication

In order to install our virA screening system, we need two plasmids in one cell. So we have to create a BioBrick compliant plasmid which has a different compatibility group as the standard pSBXXX plasmids. Our plan is to replace the ColE1 ori from a pSBXXX plasmid with a R6K ori (BBa_J61001). The R6K ori works e.g. in E. coli EC100D strains and is compatible with ColE1 oris.

This BioBrick is somehow finished - it works, but we reached our goal in a different way...

virA screening system

We will use the BioBrick for virA-screenings (BBa_K389011) in a plasmid with R6K ori and the mutated virA in the pSB1C3 plasmid with ColE1 ori. Both plasmids will be transformed to and screened in E. coli EC100D. Once we will find a construct with high sensitivity for a screened substance, we will isolate the plasmids and transform them to e.g. E. coli TOP10. Because the R6K ori does not work in this strain, we can easily separate the mutated virA BioBrick from the screening plasmid. Because the virA is in the pSB1C3 vector, we won't have to do further cloning.

The screening system is finished so far and working, but we will not submit it to the registry because we did not finish the R6K plasmid in a nice way.

Super tight controlled lac operator

This BioBrick contains a lacIq and a lac operator. So the lac operator is inducible with IPTG, but tightly regulated, also in strains without lacIq (e.g. E. coli TOP10). This BioBrick should be used to demonstrate the sensitivity of the luciferase reporter gene compared to mRFP.

You can find this BioBrick here: BBa_K389050.

This BioBrick is finished but we haven't submitted it to the registry yet. It seems not to work as expected, though (high basal expression).