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Biobricks are the central figure of the iGEM competition. It is pretty important to construct functional Biobricks, in order to avoid problems for other teams. Unfortunately we had to handle some problems with Biobricks from the database. Although we create a lot of Biobricks, we therefore focused on creating good and functional working Biobricks. Our best three Biobricks are listed below. The detailed information of the Biobricks can be received by using the links.


Luciferase from PGL4.10 [Luc2]:

Partinfo of the Biobrick BBa_K389004

Characterization of K389004


Final sensor system with luc readout:

Partinfo of the Biobrick BBa_K389015

Characterization of K389015


Final sensor system with mRFP readout:

Partinfo of the Biobrick BBa_K389016

Characterization of K389016