ChoaChoa's Delivery Service is composed of 5 undergraduate wetlab students, 2 undergraduate computational students, 2 graduate student advisors, 2 faculty advisors, and administrative support.

Our wetlab group of Christoph Neyer, Amy Kristofferson, Daniela Mehech, Conor McClune, and Tahoura Samad built the Choano payload delivery devices, transposase devices, developed and performed all assays associated with this project. Ben Bubenheim and Bing Xia built the infrastructure for Clotho's API, wrote the Datum layer, worked out the Netbeans and Hibernate platforms, the Biosafety framework, and several Apps including Sequence Checker, BBAligner, StringAppend Algorithm, and Groovy Scripter. Tim Hsiau was the ringleader of the iGEM team providing training, advise, technical and moral support. Jin Huh provided parts derived from his mammalian payload delivery project which yielded many of the basic parts used in the project in addition to parts used from Berkeley iGEM 2008. Chris Anderson and Terry Johnson provided lab space, reagents, consumables, moral support, graphics, guidance, and training to the team. Chris Anderson wrote many of the Apps not mentioned here included within the distributed version of Clotho. The specific architecture of the Clotho API was determined through many conversations between Ben, Bing, Josh Kittleson, Douglas Densmore, Tim Ham, and Michal Galdzicki. The new website was provided with support by Autodesk with advice from Carlos Olguin and made by a professional firm, Noble Studios. The UC Berkeley iGEM is selected by the Berkeley iGEM Advising Group composed of Adam Arkin, Jay Keasling, Chris Anderson, Terry Johnson, and Susan Marqusee. We are blessed to receive administrative support from Kate Spohr.