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== DIY-GEM: a path towards low cost high throughput gene synthesis. ==
Synthetic biology research requires more cost effective approaches toward reagents and hardware accessibility. We are developing low-cost alternatives to existing hardware and enzymes in an attempt to expand participation in biological research and development. Our project expands the accessibility of Taq Polymerase by engineering it in a form compatible with BioBrick assembly. This allows use of the over-expressed enzyme from a crude bacterial extract in a PCR reaction at a fraction of the cost of highly purified commercial enzyme. In addition, we have developed inexpensive and easily assembled lab equipment such as a gel electrophoresis apparatus and a PCR thermal cycler. Enabling researchers to synthesize their own enzymes and having access to inexpensive tools will allow for increased participation among the DIY-bio community, stretch increasingly scarce educational funds, and allow rapid scale up of large scale gene synthesis projects.<br>

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Who we are


  • Lab Manager/Advisor: Thomas Burkett
  • Advisor 1: Lisa Scheifele
  • Advisor 2: T Elizabeth Goode


  • Student 1: Ryan Ogle, LMT
  • Student 2: Patrick O'Neil
  • Student 3: Robert Buck
  • Student 4: Miles Pekala
  • Student 5: Gary Cygiel
  • Student 6: Steven Stowell
  • Student 7: Duke Kessler
  • Student 8: Bernadette Gallagher

What we did




Where we're from