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For the week of July 26 - Aug 1st, 2010

The Burkett Lab at CCBC will be open during the following hours. An asterisk indicates a time when a meeting will take place if there is a critical mass present.

Mon 1PM - 5PM
Tues 1PM - 5PM
Weds 1PM - 5PM
Thurs 1PM - 5PM
Fri NA
Sat NA
Sun NA

Tuesday July 27th Orientation 7 PM - 10 PM
Smith Hall at Towson University - MB3 Lab.
Orientation Wednesday July 28th @ 1pm. Anyone interested in attending please contact Dr. Goode at

Next Week August 2nd - 9th, 2010

CCBC Rm D206 - Burkett Lab

Mon 1PM - 4PM
Tues 1PM - 4PM
Weds 1PM - 4PM
Thurs 1PM - 4PM ; 7PM - 10 PM
Fri NA
Sat NA
Sun NA

MB3 Lab @ TU August 2nd - Monday Evening 7 PM - 10 PM
OPEN ONLY to the peaople who met with Dr Liz and Dr Roberts on July 28th. Please resepct this. Dr Roberts has met as many new people as he will permit in his lab at this time. There may be openings later. Stay in touch with Dr Liz if you are interested in working in the TU lab.