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Bead Performance in Solution


Having made our first beads containing the new BioBrick BBa_K381001 we wanted to test whether there was a significant difference in fluorescence between those that had been subjected to nitrogen and those that had not. We set up LB solutions containing 0 and 50mM of Potassium Nitrate and placed several beads into each. These were then left at 37°C overnight and the difference observed using the UV box.


We were pleased to note that whilst the difference was not yet visible by eye, those beads that had been in the nitrate solution did indeed appear brighter under the GFP filter, as can be seen in the figure below.

Bead difference.jpg

We were even more pleased to discover that after leaving the beads for two further days, the beads that had been in nitrate solution were visibly green, whilst those that had not been in nitrate were not. Unfortunately we do not have proper data for this.