Team:BCCS-Bristol/Wetlab/Part Design/BioBricks


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Pages for the two biobricks that we've submitted, why we had to make them, improvements, characterisation, link to them in the registry

Team:BCCS-Bristol/Wetlab/Part Design/BioBricks/PyeaR

Team:BCCS-Bristol/Wetlab/Part Design/BioBricks/PyeaR+LacZ

The PyeaR promoter was first put into the BioBrick standard by the University of Edinburgh’s 2009 iGEM team. We used this promoter and connected it to a GFP BioBrick to create a BioBrick that expresses GFP in response to levels of nitrite. We also connected the promoter to the LacZ gene which codes for β -galactosidase. This was used in a Miller assay, an experiment that is used to characterise a repressors response to inducer.

The constitutive RFP was expressed via an unmodified BioBrick from the parts registry.