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The Distribution Plan

The Genomikon Kit has wide applications to a variety of settings. Its most powerful application is clearly in education specifically targetted to high school students. With this in mind our team has researched and compilled a distrubtuion plan in an effort to provide a way in which Genomikon can reach students. It consists of a cost analysis of the components to produce the kit, the available market for the kit, potential competitors, the sustainability of the market, as well as a three year plan for bringing the kit to high schools all across Canada. We believe the Genomikon project has the potential to excite thousands of students allowing them to not only learn more about synthetic biology but have the opportunity to gain a first taste of the field.

Click Here To Download a PDF Version of the Distribution Plan

Executive Summary

Genomikon is a product that will introduce high school students to the world of synthetic biology in a hands-on experience. Packaged as a complete biology lab kit, Genomikon will allow anyone to construct a plasmid without special equipment or advanced knowledge. This educational kit will, literally, bring life into the classroom and revolutionize the way students learn about DNA. The University of Alberta is developing a method of plasmid assembly that is modular, rapid, and inexpensive. Genetic parts will be adapted into a system called Genomikon. This system will allow students to rationally create functional plasmids. Genomikon focuses on two procedures- DNA ligation and bacterial transformation. This means that students will be able to join functional pieces of DNA and insert those into harmless E. coli bacteria, where they can be expressed as colours and scents. Genomikon’s flexibility will accommodate these predesigned experiments but foster new creative expressions as well. A comprehensive lab manual, accompanied by an interactive online website, will clearly explain the procedures, effects, and cautions of the experiments. Our project not only seeks to optimize current procedures of synthetic biology but will also expose a new generation of students to this exciting and practical field. By designing a high school level kit and making synthetic biology accessible to this level of classroom, further research can be funded through the profits and, more importantly, we will attract new and inquisitive minds to the field. Genomikon is a learning tool providing opportunities consistent with Canada’s Education goals. In particular, Genomikon is a natural fit into the high school biology curriculum (Biology 30 in Alberta). Furthermore, the sheer number of schools in Canada (about 5000 that offer grade 12 studies), creates a significant market for Genomikon to be distributed into. The United States market presents an additional 20,000 schools to sell to. Genomikon will be first introduced to private high schools and Advanced Placement (AP) classrooms in Alberta, as a test market. After one year of use, the market will expand to include public school Biology 30 classrooms. Introducing Genomikon to these two school systems first will decrease the perceived risk associated with the product, easing its distribution into public schools. Overall, Genomikon represents a strong value offering for the high school biology curriculum. Allowing students to actually manipulate DNA and learn in a laboratory setting makes the course material more relevant and will attract young, inquisitive minds to the field of synthetic biology.

The Product

Genomikon is an innovative product in the world of synthetic biology and especially in a high school lab setting. Using this kit, along with an interactive companion website, students will be able to perform DNA ligation and transformation. Kits will be packaged in such a way that they are sufficient for one classroom, assuming an average class size of 25-30 students and lab groups of 4 to 5 students. The following is a list of contents included in Genomikon:

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