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Thanks for taking the tour, we are really excited about this project and we hope that after reading this you are too! Our kit makes Synbio easier and faster than ever before. Consequently it brings Synbio to people and places it’s never been. As a result we feel that our kit has the potential to push the development of Synbio in new and exciting directions. As IGEM has certainly proven, the more people that are allowed to play the game, the faster the game evolves.

Here a few places you might want to check out for more detailed information:

Assembly Method: find out the interesting little details that makes this process work

Safety: read about the safety practices we used in the lab, and about the safety practices we have developed for our kit.

Protocols: all the nitty-gritty on our lab procedures

Modeling: learn about the model we created to determine the efficiency of our assembly method from our experimental results

Achievements: check out all the amazing things we accomplished. We feel pretty great about spending our summer as iGEMers

Human practices: check out the business research we did, and the research into high school biology curriculums

Team: who are we?

Software: more info on the online tool we developed, and the technology we used to do it

Notebook: what to see what we were doing this summer? This is the place for you!

Parts: learn more about the various parts we submitted