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Many long days were spent in the lab this summer but our team had many amazing accomplishments, and we even managed to have some fun too! Here are some of the key achievements from the summer. For more check out the achievements page.

  • We completed the gold star requirements for IGEM.
  • We continued to develop the Biobytes assembly method developed by last year’s team.
  • We successfully assemble an 8 byte long construct using our Biobytes 2.0 system.
  • We created a model to further understand the efficiency of Biobytes 2.0.
  • We sourced the tools, reagents and materials that would be required to make our kit almost entirely self contained and created a prototype of the Genomikon educational kit .
  • We created a set of experiments designed to teach the student how to use the kit as well as various topics from the high school biology curriculum.
  • We developed a software tool to accompany the lab kit.
  • We researched and developed a business plan investigating the potential of bringing the Genomikon kit into high school classrooms.
  • We tested the ability to multiplex Biobyte constructs into larger constructs.