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Genomikon - Companion Software

Our kit is accompanied by an online web app found at A web based lab manual is an exciting replacement to the traditional paper based variety as it is a more interactive medium. has many interesting features designed to compliment the lab part of the kit. We hope that it will not only be informative but also empower the students to go beyond our pre-made experiments and begin creating there own.

The Lab Manual

Learn about the kit and synthetic biology

A page out of the lab manual

The lab manual is a set of experiments, selected with several criteria in mind:

  • fun
  • familiarize the student with the tools in the kit
  • teach concepts inline with a high school biology curriculum

We used the province of Alberta's high school curriculum as a model, most high school curriculum's are somewhat similar. To see specific examples check out the experimentspage.

As the students progress through the experiments they can take notes and even upload images of their results. [Image:team-alberta-lab-manual-notes.jpg] IT!

Head to and try it ou

Plasmid Design Tool

design your plasmid before you build

In silico plasmid designer

The most exciting feature of our kit is the plasmid design tool. It has an easy to use drag and drop interface, and has built in validation to catch your errors before your build in the lab.

Learn more about the plasmid designer here

Try the plasmid designer out for yourself right now

generate instructions and share your design

After you create a valid plasmid you can save it and a lab protocol will automatically be created. Then you can edit the instructions, add figures, images and a description. Once your ready click publish and share your cool experiment for others to try.

The Encyclopedia

Develop a deeper understanding

The encyclopaedia index

To offer some extra context to the experiments we have included a selection of articles about synthetic biology and various biology concepts relating to the kit and the high school curriculum. They are integrated with the experiments and also available separately for review. [Image:team-alberta-articles.jpg]

An Integrated Glossary

A definition is never further than your pointer

We have an integrated glossary throughout the website for easy access to definitions

The glossary, showing a mouse-over popup for a glossary term.


Student Groups & Sharing Your Experiments

share your experiments and communicate with your classmates

Teachers can create groups and have their students join it. This allows classes to communicate with each other