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2010 Georgia State iGEM project

Tool Kit

Pichia pastoris.jpg
The primary purpose of the Georgia State 2010 team is to standardize parts that will facilitate future use of methylotrophic yeast "Pichia pastoris" as a novel chassis for iGEM purposes. We are titling this assembly of Pichia relevant parts as the “Pichia Tool Kit”, which is intended to be a constantly growing and improving resource. So far parts have included promoters, auxotrophic-mutant complementary proteins, selectivity parts and an antigen for intended production. Below is a diagram illustrating the parts that are currently in progress. Click on each image to go directly to the specific tool and get more information.

AOX1.png FLD1.png HA antigen.png His4.png PGAP.png PTEF.png

Vaccine Production

Because of these reasons, P.pastoris has quickly gained popularity for recombinant protein production. The Georgia State 2010 team believes P. pastoris would be an excellent chassis for the iGEM competition. Our goal is to provide a tool box of parts necessary for the genetic manipulation of this organism. Parts will include a plasmid backbone, several parts providing alternative selectivity options and promoter systems. In addition, our tool box will be used to produce a flu virus antigen in P. pastoris as an example of how this system could be used for vaccine production. We hope our contributions will enable future users to maximize the use and further explore the incredible potential P. pastoris has to offer!

Check out the current toolbox here !! Team:Georgia State/Parts

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The Georgia State University team is composed of stellar undergraduate students (up) and advised by brilliant people (down). We are interested in playing with organisms that haven't traditionally been used for bioengineering.