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<td>UCL London</td>
<td>UCL London</td>
<td>Weimar-Heidelberg Arts</td>
<td>Weimar-Heidelberg Arts</td>

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Friday November 5th : Presentation Practice Sign-up Sheet

As the wiki is now frozen, please email Meagan with your team name and the letter and # of the time slot that you would like to reserve.

Use this sign-up sheet to sign up for a slot on Friday night (November 5th) to practice your talk. Note that there will NOT be any A/V (audio/visual) support on staff. All classrooms will be unlocked and you should use them and leave them as you found them.

There are a limited number of time slots available on a first-come first-serve basis so please only choose one slot. We cannot match the room that you will ultimately give your presentation in with the practice room. This should, however, give you a chance to practice your talk in a new environment. Please keep in mind that there will be teams waiting to use the room after you, so make sure that your practice finishes on time.

Also, on Friday, November 5th, there will also be pre-registration available beginning at 1pm at Compton Lounge. Conference services will be on-site to pass out team registration boxes (see the Jamboree page).

Friday, November 7

Time 4-149 4-163 4-231 10-250 32-123 32-124 32-141 32-155 34-101 54-100 56-114 56-154 66-160
6:00p - 6:30p Wisconsin Madison Newcastle Wits South Africa KIT-Kyoto INSA-Lyon Chiba HKU-Hong_Kong A8 DTU-Denmark Peking Osaka KAIST-KOREA A13
6:30p - 7:00p Virginia United Sheffield Imperial College London HKUST HokkaidoU Japan Slovenia Aberdeen_Scotland Biotec_Dresden Harvard UT-Tokyo UCSF B12 B13
7:00p - 7:30p NYMU-Taipei Stockholm Freiburg-Bioware SJTU-BioX-Shanghai Tec-Monterrey Team Panama TzuChiU_Formosa UPO-Sevilla Paris-Liliane_Bettencourt Kyoto Macquarie_Australia C12 C13
7:30p - 8:00p SDU-Denmark Valencia D3 METU-Turkey UNIPV-Pavia EPFL Heidelberg D8 Debrecen-Hungary Tokyo_Metropolitan Uppsala-Sweden D12 D13
8:00p - 8:30p TU-Munich Bielefeld-Germany Alberta UCL London USTC_software Yale Weimar-Heidelberg Arts Warsaw British Columbia TU Delft E11 E12 E13
8:30p - 9:00p LMU-Munich F2 F3 F4 UNAM-Genomics Mexico F6 Mexico-UNAM-CINVESTAV F8 Calgary Lethbridge F11 F12 F13
9:00p - 9:30p G1 GeorgiaTech G3 G4 Edinburgh USTC G7 G8 IT_Madras Cambridge G11 G12 G13
9:30p - 10:00p NYU H2 Waterloo Hong_Kong-CUHK Tokyo Tech Northwestern Davidson-MissouriW ZJU-China BCCS-Bristol ETHZ_Basel Caltech H12 H13