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Date: November 5 - 8, 2010
Location: Friday/Saturday/Sunday on MIT campus

Some of you may have heard us say last year that iGEM 2009 would be the last year the iGEM Jamboree could be held on MIT campus. We have been able to take over the MIT campus enough that we will be able to hold the event on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday on MIT campus. We will once again have a social event at Jillian's Boston on Sunday evening. More information about the Jamboree will be available as the summer progresses.

Visa Letters

Generate your own visa invitation letter.

Track Selection

Details on how to submit your track selections can be found here.

Team Roster

In order to get a final list of team members, each team must finalize their team roster by September 20th. For your roster to be finalized, each team member must have a user account and be listed on the Team Information page. Note that all members must be confirmed and NOT listed as "pending" (i.e. they should be in the Team Roster section of the Team Information page. See this example. Be sure to include all members who participated over the summer, not only those who will be attending the Jamboree, as this list will be used to create participation certificates (so check for spelling mistakes too!).

For more information on how to add members/edit your Team Information page see the iGEM team Registration Handbook.

DNA Submission

Find out details on how to submit your parts on the DNA Submission page.


Project: According to the iGEM requirements, each iGEM team's project should be documented on the iGEM 2010 wiki site with detail enough to replicate it independently. Additional presentational information about the team - their story, the rationale for the project, failures, successes, future work, etc. - is highly encouraged. Remember that these wiki pages will be the main source of inspiration for future teams, and having good documentation on them and in the part description in the registry increases the likelihood of more teams building on your project and your parts. What is considered proper documentation is decided by the judging committee and you can find details about proper documentation at the Judging page.

Parts: iGEM requirements also state that all teams must properly document their parts on the Registry. The judging committee also decides what is considered proper part documentation. See the Judging page for details. Remember, the success of not just iGEM, but all of synthetic biology, depends on the development of well-characterized, reliable, standardized biological parts that have been designed to be simple to use and understand.


The general schedule is as follows. A more detailed schedule will be posted closer to the Jamboree.

Friday evening - Informal practice sessions, Registration
Saturday - Presentations, Poster session
Sunday - Presentations, Poster session, Social event
Monday - Awards ceremony

Attendance Fee

See more information about who can attend the Jamboree and what the fees are on the Attendance Fee page.

Software Tools

More details for the software tools teams.




For more information on hotel room block and hotel suggestions see the hotels page.