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|'''September 20'''|| [[Jamboree/Attendance Fee | Jamboree attendance fee due]]
|'''September 20'''|| [[Jamboree/Attendance Fee | Jamboree attendance fee due]]
|'''September 20'''|| [[Judging/Judging_Criteria#Area_Prizes | Track]] selection due
|'''September 20'''|| [[Jamboree/Track Selection | Track]] selection due
| || [[Jamboree/Project abstract | Project abstracts]] due
| || [[Jamboree/Project abstract | Project abstracts]] due

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IGEM 2010 Calendar of Events

Note: Dates in grey have not been finalized yet. Make sure to check the calendar periodically for any changes!

January 26 IGEM 2010 registration opens
March 31 IGEM 2010 registration closes; Team registration fee due
May 7 DNA Distribution sent to teams (target deadline; subject to change)
May 22-23 iGEM Workshop, US
May 29-30 iGEM Workshop, Canada
June 1 Visa invitation letter requests due
June 12-13 iGEM Workshop, Europe
June 26-27 iGEM Workshop, Asia
July 16 Team project descriptions due
September 20 Jamboree attendance fee due
September 20 Track selection due
Project abstracts due
Team rosters due
TBD Project and part documentation due, including documentation for all medal criteria
BioBrick Part DNA needs to be received by the Registry
Judging form due
Wiki FREEZE at 11:59pm, EDT
November 5 - 8 iGEM Championship Jamboree, Cambridge, MA, US