About Silicin


I am Cindy from the team HKU-Hong Kong.I am a year 3 Chemistry student with a minor in Psychology.

"Silicin" is special in some sense:

  • It is a typo of silicon
  • Cindy is a silly guy = SILIcin
  • Wow! It's chemistry!

Cindy is now a principal investigator of the team, also the wiki guy, as well as the photoshop/graphic guy.

It is a special experience to me -joining iGEM as a Chemistry major. The topic too, is subtle to me-- to someone who is seeking the meaning of life.

Nice summer with iGEM. :)

I am proud to be metamorphosed from a noob in biochem to an (perhaps, independent)iGEMer.

"I g." (inside joke)

"I know, indeed".