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weimar-heidelberg-arts Bernhardt
Bernhardt Hopfengärtner is a lecturer at the Bauhaus-University Weimar. His work and teaching explores the possibilities of design to function as a narrative medium that helps us reflect and debate social and cultural implications of technology and science research.
Sebastian Hundertmark sebastian is a lecturer in the Bauhaus-University's Media Art and Design program. He has a background in product design and a committed interest in the impact of (bio)technological advances on everydaylife and -things. A thrill he finds best to be experienced in groups of transdisciplinary designers and scientists. Christian Schröder Christian Schröder works as a media-artist and musician. His interest in iGEM is the chance to produce applied art together with scientists. Mila Burghardt Mila Burghardt A student of media arts and design. Her work focusses on the human-technology, human-biology and human-human relations. Lorenz Adlung Lorenz Adlung pushes the art-and-design aspects that indeed underpin synthetic biology to new extremes. He aims to shed a new light on biological systems. Frank Christian Kieschnick Frank Christian Kieschnick product designer and 3d artist. He has a preference for designing scenarios in relation to new scientific discoveries. Matthias Breuer Mathias Breuer Matthias is a Media Art & Design Student at the Bauhaus University Weimar with a focus on art in all variations of digital and analog. His main interest lies in using new sustainable materials for artworks. Vanessa Walk Vanessa Walk Vanessa is one among the few exotic art & education students at the bauhaus university of weimar. Her personal interesst in art and the epicentre of her work is to narrate and imagine stories about the personal emotions, experiences, memories of humans, animals and plants. Participating in the Weimar_Heidelberg_arts collaboration and the IGEM competition, implies for Vanessa an auspicious chance to challenge critical agendas of art and biology outsiders, while taking a closer look beyond the scenes! Philipp Bayer Phillip Philipp's creative mind spans the horizon between synthetic biology, arts and chaos. Bastian Bügler Bastian Bügler A graduate in Cognitive Science from the University of Osnabrück, where science is fun.
Since one year engaging in further needed research about the existential pleasures of becoming an artist within the pluripotential environment of the Bauhaus University creativity-incubator.
Professor Ursula Damm Prof. Ursula Damm An expert in cultural risk management, artistic quality control and creative fitness trainer. Jens Keienburg Jens Jens is a Phd student at the BioQant in Heidelberg. For him, iGEM can be described in three words: vision, passion, and teamwork. Laura-Nadine Schuhmacher Laura Laura is a student of Developmental Biology at the University of Heidelberg. She is interested in the co-evolution of the human race and their cultural and social environment. Dominik Niopek Dominik Dominik Niopek is a student of Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Heidelberg. He is convinced, that this innovative interaction between Synbio, Arts and Design will be a kick-off for the creative development of ideas and visions on synbio and its’ influence on our society in the future. Therefore, he is very much looking forward to the upcoming new experience and an inspiring iGEM time. Friederike Köppe Friederike Friederike is a Psychology student at the University of Heidelberg and responsible for dealing with the uncountable psychological break-downs of her team members. Besides of her interest in her freudian red couch, she loves the idea of combining arts and science, hoping to get some new perspectives. Jan-Ulrich Schad Jan-Ulrich Jan studies Systems Biology at the University of Heidelberg. He likes iGEM as it is opensource, rewards creativity and brings together pretty funny people. Professor Roland Eils Professor Roland Eils Prof. Eils is head of the iGEM Heidelberg team. The research interests of Prof. Eils lies in the field of the analysis and mathematical modeling of complex pathways in molecular biology. His new engagement in the up-coming field of Synthetic Biology underlines the need for tight interdisciplinary work between experimentalists and theoreticians. Andreas Beyer Andreas Beyer A graduate student with the fokus on auditive works. I'm interested in organic feedback systems, waves and audio in any kind. coming from radio, i'm working now with audio installations and sonifikation concepts. Florian Haupt Florian Haupt Productdesign student in 9th semester with a heart for interdisciplinary projects. Produces additional visual content for the Synbio supermarket; i.e. renderslave.