Team:Weimar-Heidelberg Arts/Sponsors


Sponsors & Ackowledgements

The Weimar-Heidelberg Arts iGEM Team wants to thank for there support:

The Klaus Tschira Foundation
Bauhaus-University Weimar
The Faculty of Media
University of Heidelberg
German Cancer Reserch Center
For their indivudal support we thank:

Henriette Kriese for her photo support
Kat Sengstaken for her video support
Sebastian Stang, Max Albrecht and Patrick Oscity for their support with the website

For their support of ReCoBrain we thank:

salve TV
, especially Micki Remann, Dorint Hotel Weimar, Sonja ans Lotte-Lou Hartmann, Andreas Feddersen

For their support of Bactesafe we thank: