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Super Cell is the first store solely for Synthetic Biology based products and is about to open up a number of stores throughout Europe and the US. Take a closer look at the products which are all designed by members of the iGEM team.

Ant Army

ant army

Ant Army is an inovation to protect your trees and other plants.It uses pheromones as an effectiv weapon against any kind of animal which could possibly destroy your harvest!



ReCoBrain is a synthetic neuronal network that enables you to use your brain while you sleep – after just one injection. You can do household chores or exercise in your sleep! It's never been easier to spend free time with your family and friends.

Bacteria Game


With our game kit we provide everything you need to culture and train your own swimming bacteria at home. You can take part in local tournaments against your friends' teams demonstrating the dominance of your bacteria squad.

Bacterial Fridge


Keep your goods fresh and lasting – anywhere. Bacterial Fridge conserves foods without cooling and electricity.



With that tupperware product the user is on the safe side! Who doesn`t know that situation: Is the food inside bad or not? This product lets know you when your food is about to get bad.


sasha nourishing solution

Sasha is a sensual communication tool for men and woman. It helps you to understand your needs and advises your partner. Sasha can be used for massages and caress.



Turn into a plant whisperer with Tweedlewheedle! The discreet nasal translator plug, will make you understand the needs of your greens with only one sniff!



With kokoromo - the new hygienic moss for indoor vegetation, allergens like fungi, polls and dust don't stand a chance! Useable as a perfect organic alternative to regular carpets and wallpapers, kokoromo will enchant your living space while keeping it green and clean!

Baby's Best

babys best

Baby's Best Night Care is a diaper that reacts on your child´s needs for an all around service at night. It cares for nutrition, causes harmonious dreams and transforms excretions to a warm and dry cotton-like inlay. Baby's Best Night Care – sleep well!

Sporal Up-Ready

Sporal Pesticide

This product enables the user to produce their own natural pesticide! The parasites will be killed by a fungi growing inside their bodies. This way your garden will be dung naturally without any contamination of the soil.

Deo Yeast

Deo Yeast

It`s a real alternative to pertrochemical deodorants. Be independent and safe harmful industrial substances.

Odeur Cuisine

odeur cuisine

A Starter-Kit introducing you to the world of Odeur Cuisine, a new experience of dining and cooking - extending a good meal into a good digestion.

Balcony Menue

balcony menue

Balcony Menu is homegrown organic food for a delicious meal. It combines multiple organic ingredients in one plant. After growing, the plant is harvested in one piece and provides you with all the organic ingredients the menu involves.



Stop heartache - start living - with the power of the 'god of love' Aphrodite! In this new formula the essence of love is concentrated to prepare you for the real love. Fall in love and be loved – with the help of AphrodiTec. True love comes from within!



A compound absorbed through the ear in order to control your sense of spatial position and rotation. Thanks to the Vestibulizer, disorientation in a drunken stupor and space sickness are fast becoming problems of the past!

Bio Bin

bio bin

Is the animal food production more ethical than the usage of synthetic life or not? Which way is the best and the most ecological? How is your decision?!

Cyano Fuel


With that product you can produce your own fuel, can clean the lake from concentrated toxic cyano bacterias and you can rebalance the natural habitat of the water.



BacteSafe is a highly individualized security system - using person recognition based on DNA traces and different possibilities to mark intruders - from color-trace to viral infection.

Sustainable luminousity


Advertise with natural beauty. Glowing flies form words and sentences to deliver your message - graceful and good for the environment.

Perfect Body


'Perfect Body' is a collection of replaceable body parts made of industrially grown human tissue. Always be in fashion - the new 'Perfect Body' body parts adhere perfectly in just 60 seconds and integrate perfectly into your system both sensually and visually.

Myths to Meat

All meat in one pan - uniting the best the foodchain has to offer.