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August 1st, 2010

The exhibition showing the semester´s output on Synthetic Biology at the Limona in Weimar went well. The students from Heidelberg and of Weimar met and talked about the various works. oberlichtsaal2

August 3rd, 2010

Already discussed at the workshop we try to make up our mind about what the web shop has to achieve, and which points are important for the content.hidler-erstes-mal-in-weimar

August 4th, 2010

An pencil mock-up for the web shop is made. erstes-konzept-website-sketch

August 5th, 2010

After settling on the name "Super Cell" for our Synthetic Biology Supermarket we are working on products and details of the webshop. Points of discussion are the unification of the products and a guideline defining the modus operandi for our products in generell, something every product in the shop has to pass. Mila works on a visualization on BactoSafe - a individualized security system. We are tinkering on an idea which combines cuisine and perfumery - a fantasm of synthetically enhanced farts. Also we´re brooding on the visual realization of the DNA-Pet and the Yoga-Blob. late night-thoughts: Talking about the visualizations of Christian. Great to see a first image and start getting deeper into it. Thoughts of making it more organic and less industrial. So naturally the owner could be a farmer, with special interests. As the real shop would get more important this way, our webshop would transform into something else - more a representation, a platform, a guideline, an explanation to see the farm/shop , the whole experience. Less mass products - more individual, nicheproducts, small products. 5August

August 6th

Morning meeting with Patrick, web-design. He showes us his first draft for the page. We find it´s a bit harsh to start with the products on the first page. A intruduction needs to be made- with a static image, some explaning words or another media -> VIDEO. Main part will be a slide-show allowing the user to go through the different products of a category quickly. The feature of the slide-show will enable us to put the products in an order that makes sense to us and leaves the static view on only one product but gives an impression of a sortiment, a line, a social construct. By clicking onto the product in the slide you will come to the detailed product site. Video may be working in the slide-show as well, maybe - will be checked… The brainstorming of the meeting with the Heidelbergians in July is finally packed in a textfile - a pool for future ideas or extensions of already existing ones. 6.august

August 7th

We reflected the results again and tried to combine them. We made some sketches for some products to visualise them in Cinema 4D.

August 9th

Workshop in Cinema 4D by Sebastian Hundertmark. Christian did the first renderings for the ciano-fuel-station and the deo-yeast.

August 10th

Skype- meeting with the whole group, concerning our new ideas of the basic shop conceps. We´ll meet again in person on the 26. August, which marks a milestone in the project. The process of finding new ideas is is now in its final stage. Starting next week we will focus on the realization of the products. In the meantime we will work on the storyboard for the introduction of the webshop.

August 11th

More visualization trials and final collecting of ideas.

August 12th

Group meeting with coffee and cake!! Talking about the different products everybody is working on individually and bringing them together by presenting them in an order that makes sense in a product-line/category. First draft of an bacterial fridge and on BactoSafe, a biological security system are presented. Mila explained her idea of the balcony garden and the way she wants to create a diversity between organic, vegan and synthetic manipulated lifestyles. As we were talking about vegetables we touched trecking-veggies > super-fast growing vegetables for tracking and camping enabling you to grow breakfgast while sleeping. We thought of cancer-manipulated veggies and have to research if that makes any sense. For the product "Odor Cuisine" we kind of agreed to show it in the form of a cookbook, containing also pictures of methodes and new applications concerning olfactory output :) . The Drug delivery system, an iGEM project from Emperial college in 2009 could be very helpful to place the manipulated e-coli bacs. Last two topics were Baby´s best by mila , a product which is already pretty clear , but needs some decisions on the visualization now.

August 14th

Christian presented his new biological findings for plant protecting systems. He shows the first 3D designs of the modular ant-plant-protector-system to protect your crop plants and the spore-contamination-system to kill parasites naturaly. After this we made a brainstorm of possibilities to visualise the consequences of this products. 14.Aug.

August 17th

First meeting with Anna and Jana, both involved in the filming for ReCoBrain. We discussed the timetable for the film-shooting and postproduction - the deadline is set very close before the flight to Boston. As we´re all busy, there won´t be much time for it and filming needs to be done fast. One point on the agenda for the meeting on 27. August has to be the presentation at MIT. Second round of the meeting: New projects from Vanessa were discussed - rest of it was bringing up ideas from last week in a nicer wrapping.

August 18th

We made a new mock-up for the page with structural changes, a new logo and improved design. Shortly after a meeting to update with the webteam. Picking out 5-10 projects to visualize fully and integrate it in the page until the 27. August. Again we have a checklist that every chosen project has to pass in order to get realized/visualized quickly : main points on the list are : is the idea fully relating to SynBio ? ; can it be described in a few words? ; are the explanational pictures also beautiful ? Selection is made and sent around… More projects need to be ready for the page within the next few days.

August 19th

Working on webpage, writing product descriptions where needed, drawing sketches for the product photos (of balcony menu and odeur cuisine). Trivia: we starting playing frisbee after lunch for 20 min and again after working on the pc - already feel muscles rising and brain-expansion due to amplified air-inducement.

August 20th

Gardening and plant shaping/sculpturing. Writing on a story taking aim on a corporate identity.

Bild1 Bild3 Bild2 Bild4

August 22nd

Visualization for Odeur Cuisine and Contraception in combination with 23andMe. Texts for webshop.

August 23rd

Agenda for the workshop is planned.

August 24th

Christian and Florian are working on renderings for the webpage and christian on his project. Photos for Odeur Cuisine.

August 25th

Version of the Homepage is online. The material for it is transferred into the right format. Photos are photoshopped…

August 26th

Meeting with Mareike who plans a radio feature on the project. Putting the projects and pictures on the homepage. Welcoming the guys from Heidelberg with barbecue and beer…

August 27th

The Heidelbergians arived and we discussed with them our new ideas. At the afternoon we took a barbecue.

August 28th

Workshop with the guys from Heidelberg. Discussing the bacteria game, the supermarket and it´s products and reviewing the wet lab project by the HD team. Afterwards we worked in smaller groups on technical issues concerning individual products of the supermarket. The meeting helped a lot and pushed some of the ideas really forward.

August 29th

A weekend to awaken to the final product statements by transforming the discussions with the Heidelberg-crew to visual concepts.

August 30th

A week full of work began – but it was hard to get it started after the meeting with the Heidelberg-crew the week before. With this reached milestone our internal deadlines were gone. But as Prof. Ursula Damm wants to present some of our products on a conference called „life 3.0. and the future of evolution“ in Berlin on the 17th we have to hurry up anyway.

August 31st

We had an interview with a guy from “BioTech TV” who wanted to get an overview about our project. Asking – of course – why we as artists and designers take part in a competition about synthetic biology. Well - I really do believe that we can start a discussion in society, to bring the new technology of synthetic biology to the peoples awareness by giving it a context , the feeling of “yes its here, its real, its every day life...”. Well – you may watch the interview online after the transmission in the beginning of november.

September 1st

The products „Perfect Body“, „AphrodiTec“, „Pit Crisp“, "ciano fuel station", and „AntPlantProtector“ should be finnaly visualized until the 17th, if possible also the Image film about the "Super Cell Shop" – so each product developer concretized concepts, met photographers and spent hours at the computer.

September 2nd

Preparation of our next meeting. Working on the roadmap and structuring the papers on the walls in our working room. We made product categories and pointed out how far we are and what kind of products are missing. As we have the list of things a product should fulfill everyone gets things as descriptive texts, contextualization and visualizations ready.

September 3rd

On Friday we went through our new roadmap which includes the topics „wiki“, „super cell shop“, „jamboree“ and „PR“ and structures the time from now until the iGEM Jamboree in November. It says clearly what has to be done until when and who has the responsibility. There is a hell of a lot to do but we can make it in time if we stick to the timetable.

September 5th

On the weekend and the beginning of the week we worked in our workspace, each on own products, to clear last open questions about the products to make the fiction feel real to the visitor of „super cell“.

September 6th

Two month until the iGEM Jamboree. Planning the image video of 'super cell' that should later on welcome the webshop visitors. Meeting with Jette who will take the pictures for some products and also meeting Tristan who might do the „ReCoBrain“ video spot. But as there are some problems in the coordination of the people from Weimar and the involved people from Heidelberg the future of „ReCoBrain“ is quite unsure at the moment.

September 7th

Tuesday went by with updating each other, as the team was not complete the last week. We discussed and concretized ideas and sketches which allows to make the 3D Visualizations for the Cover on the webshop.

September 8th

Today: ticking off things to do: Doing microscopy and taking photos for the project „Odeur Cuisine“ and the Image Video. Creating an animation video about bacteria movements. Preparing the photo session for “AphrodiTec”.

September 9th

In the very early morning we had the chance to make the session in the photo studio. Afterwards we had to choose one from more than 150 portraits that becomes the cover picture of “AphrodiTec”. Meanwhile in the project room sodium alginate and calcium chloride were mixed to take some more microscopy photographies afterwards that will end up in the “Odeur Cuisine” Images. Defining the script of the image video. Now the filming must start.

September 10th

The movie from the "sustainable luminous advertising" got finished and uploaded to Vimeo.

September 14th

The Product "AphrodiTec" gets visible - today we worked on a series of photos that tell stories around that product. Our project room became a photo studio and with some requisites and models we created the pictures atmosphere. Afterwards the first "pit crisps" grew in the armpit - product visualisations on the assembly line.

September 15th

The final 3D visualisation of the bacteria stadion for the bacteria game were presented after long and hard architectual construction and many briefings. Ongoing we´re animating an real bacterial struggle in the middle of the stadion.

September 16th

Florian made some visualisations in consultation with other team members. Andreas got an sea fish from Berlin to cultivate fluorescing e.coli bacteria.

September 17th

During the day Christian K. made two other products for our web-shop. The ideas are about kitchen stuff. He conceived a synthetic biodegradable bin. The object seemed to be an artistic metaphor. It shall transform waste into Milk and energy. The other product shall be used like a tupperware. But the user have the opportunity to use anti-bodies to see when the product in that getting bad.

September 18th

More 3d modells were done.

September 20th

After 4 days waiting, Andrea`s sea fish was ready to extract the e.coli bacterias and Christian went on to prepare the 3D stadion for 3D printing. Florian continued with renderings for the the Cover on the webshop. andreas_forscht

September 21st

Christian K. finished his concepts of deo-yeast and made some photos with a modell to promote it on the Webshop.

September 22nd

The visualisations from the plant protecting systems - "ant-army" and "sporal up ready" - were finished after long discussions about the controversial aspects of this products.

September 23rd

We used the time to make more usercommend for the Webshop. Christian and Mathias tried to make a 3D print for the bacteria game stadion. The others are writing on the product descriptions and finishing the texts about the projects. Till Monday we have to be ready for another review from the project team from Heidelberg.

September 24th

First try Photosession for Babys Best? Child woke up. 24.September

September 25th

Second Fotosession with a sleeping baby. Thats the cover of Babys Best Night Care.

September 27th

We went to Heidelberg to have a workshop, presented our new Web-page and discussed the technical instructions of our products. Making a new to do list as a roadmap to finish in time. IMG_1995 P1050762-Kopie P1050738 Kopie

September 28th

Ursula gave us some tips to refine our statements with the product visualisations and the bacteria-game group came together to assign new tasks. Working on the Cover of BacteSafe - thanks to Waldberghaus for providing a picture as a base for the photomontage.

September 29th

Christian and Florian have reformed the 3D visualisations with the others while we ordered people to photograph them for new visualisations.

September 30th

Everyone is working on their own with photoshop and other programs, updating the webshop by putting video comments online or writing new comments for new users videos.

Wetlab progress has been made with the Bacteria Game. Testing E. chromi bacteria and a synthetic E. coli predator-prey System. See our Bacteria Game wetlab notebook for more information.

October 1st

Andreas went to Heidelberg again for 2 days to take pictures for bacteria game and recobrain. See our Bacteria Game wetlab notebook for more information. P1050757-Kopie

October 2nd

We phoned some people and organized a big photosession to promote our products.

October 3rd

Freetime for all... yesterday was too hard and long.

October 4th

More end-user friendly technical descriptions and visualizations have been finished. The model photos were taken.

October 5th

Mila was in the costume pool of the national theatre today. It's amazing how many dresses they have... Preparing for thursday's photosession. Afterwards we met in the workspace to discuss.

October 11th

After one weekend full of preparations, together with our visiting creative directors Laura and Philipp from Heidelberg, the long-awaited shooting for 'recobrain' could get started. The production team already met early in the morning to rework their masterplan for the day: take photos and a short commercial expressing their recobrain ideas! Shortly after the team declared to begin with the shooting at our workspace in Weimar, because the pre-production hasn´t been over-detailed but enough to start right away. After finishing the shooting at the first three locations: a toilet(sounds weird but totally makes sense), a craftsman-room and a outdoorshot in the park; our frisky and amused team started to record the important injection main-scene in our little studio. Afterwards the shooting migrated to another location: a flat or more specific...the couch and the kitchen sink of it. To get ahead after a long break in the afternoon, everybody headed to the fitnessstudio - the official final location. Late at 11pm the last photo and film-take was made(hooray!), followed by an all night edit, photoshop, after effect session of our exhausted team members!

October 12th

To gain some clothing inspiration for our jamboree team outfits and the following product photoshoots on wednesday afternoon, Mila and Vanessa grouped up on tuesday to examine the Weimar atrium shopping-center and the theater costume pool (yeah again and again and again!). Packed with a big bag full of photographic impressions on business outfits, cocktail dresses, bridal gowns and prices the two girls finnaly returned to present their design-proposals via power-point on our early afternoon team meeting. After balancing our prospects with (more or less) the whole group, we regrettably decided not to show of in a scary artistic mirror ball suit while our presentation in Boston. Furthermore the design and structure of our iGEM-wiki got discussed with the group once more.

October 13th

Vanessa and our photo-chief Henriette met in the studio to carry out their collaborative photoshooting for the products kokoromo and tweedlewheedle. After finishing the hair-do and make-up session with model Ms. Paula, a 50ies housewife setting was finally build up with the help of our faculties 'extra-light' cardboard chair and a wonderful moss-green cocktail dress sponsored by the costume pool. Everything went fine, even so the model had to show up a 'bored' attitude.

October 14th

Everybody went into a huddle while working intensly on their own products and concepts for the webshop. There is only one day left till our deadline for the webshop on friday.

October 15th

The deadline has come! All texts for the shop got finaly finished by everbody, but there are still pictures missing and a lot editing to do.

October 16th

Bernd initiated a short discussion with all members of the Weimar team via e-mail, about how to classify the different products in comprehensive devisions for the webshop to create a better overview for the users.

October 18th

We send some technical desciptions about some products to the heidelbergians again, to get at least some more concrete informations for our webshop. In addition we get an opportunity to present our work in an exhibition in the new museum of Vienna and some film artists woud like to use some of our ideas in a web-shop.

October 19th

We did some 3d modells for the bacteria game for the printer and for the rotary cultivator. The first prints failed. We tried to repairing it.

October 20th

Our first bacteria race with the Bacteria Game parts finished. Unfortunately the bacteria (e. coli) managed to overcome the obstacles. That's what you get when playing with nature. DSC00704-Kopie

October 21st

We spoke about the webshop, the printing trails and our plans for Boston. The Webshop now ready tu upload. All products are visualised and prepared. The first bacteria game mockup were finished.

October 22nd

Trying to print the Bacteria Game colosseum (it takes 30 hours). Unfortunately two hours before it finished the print failed.

October 25th

The Bacteria Game packaging has been finalized and is underway being prototyped with a cnc mill. Also preparations for a second bacteria race recording have started. September

October 26th

After a failed 3d print we today managed to get our first colosseum printed for the bacteria game. Also the second recording of a live bacteria race was started and will last until tomrorow.

October 27th is online!! With eagle eyes the site is checked once more. The wiki is finished and a last view on my Desktop tells the story: desktop