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1.07.2010 Thursday

Previous day: Preparation of competent cells [Ania P., Jarek]

Use a protocol for competent cells preparation to get competent Escherichia coli TOP10 strain.

Previous day: Revitalisation of biobricks [Ania P., Jarek]

Biobricks from 2010 distribution: GFP-terminator, J61100 J61101 J61107 J61117 J61127 [Anderson's RBSes], B0030 B0031 B0032 B0033 B0034 [community RBSes], J23100 [synthetic promoter].
1. Distributed in 10 ul of TE [skład].
2. 5 ul of DNA used for transformation [according to protocol].

Checking correctness of biobricks [Ania P., Jarek]

1. Alkaline lysis no1 [according to protocol].
2. Restriction digest
3. Run agarose gel