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VT-ENSIMAG Biosecurity on the press:

Extract : ... Edward You, Supervisory Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, had the opportunity to visit VBI on Friday June 4 and gave a seminar entitled "Biosecurity: The roles and responsibilities of academia and law enforcement". During his visit, he met with some of the students working on the iGEM project. Said Agent You: "The students should be commended for tackling a real-life problem directly related to national security needs. By working on this significant project, they are actively participating in the development of responsible practice for this transformative science, which is exactly what the government of this country wants to encourage." He added: "It is very promising to see undergraduate students at iGEM engage their peers in thinking about biosecurity. The groundbreaking work of this international team impacts the safety of people around the globe." ...

...The team plans to present the final results of its analysis at the iGEM synthetic biology competition in November and also to submit the work for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. “Screening Framework Guidance for Synthetic Double-Stranded DNA Providers,” published last year by HHS, was intended to “provide guidance to producers of synthetic genomic products regarding the screening of orders so that these orders are filled in compliance with current US regulations and to encourage best practices in addressing potential biosecurity concerns.”...

...According to Peccoud, a resurrection of 1918’s pandemic influenza virus is a good example of dangerous gene synthesis. “If someone were to order this sequence again, it would be important to detect it, and make sure that the person placing this order intends to use it for legitimate research,” said Peccoud. "The iGEM work will help gene synthesis companies and their customers ensure such research."...

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Grant awarded

A National Science Foundation grant was awarded for development of GenoTHREAT software to Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (1).

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