1) Why use Brick BAT(Biosafety Assessment Tool)?

Brick BAT can be used to evaluate the safety of the parts created or used in the project. Some parts can be more of a safety problem than others, so different safety categories are needed for parts, and also for devices and systems.Brick BAT is an attempt to classify the bricks into different safety categories

2) How to use Brick BAT(Biosafety Assessment Tool)?

Brick BAT(Biosafety Assessment Tool) provides a set of questions that can be answered to get an idea of how safe a particular part is. The idea is to have different levels of safety associated with each of the parts. The safety level of each of the parts is shown on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the safest.

3) What to do with the safety value?

The idea is to have each brick associated with a safety category, to make it easier to perform bio safety assessments. Hopefully these values will become a part of the registry. These values can be put in your parts page along with each part.

4) How accurate is the safety categorization?

The safety categorization is based on the guidelines provided by Biosafety Assessment Tool. Additions and changes to improve the tool will be a continuous process.

5) How to add or modify the tool?

Your suggestions are most welcome. Please suggest your changes or additions in the talk page.