Team Overview

Our University

'Our history is part of our strength—but our sights are on the future'

Uppsala University is the oldest research university in Scandinavia. It was founded in 1477 and has been one of the renowned universities over the centuries. Being Sweden’s most prestigious University, it has also consistently maintained its position among the world’s top 100 Universities. To add to its glory, eight scientists from this University have been awarded the Nobel Prize. With its rich opportunities for student and researchers, the University has distinguished itself among others.

We, the students of this esteemed University are proud to represent it and participate in iGEM which is a global level competition.

Our Team

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We are a group of eight enthusiastic, self motivated, and more importantly, creative students from different discipline. We have Biotechnologists, Bioinformaticians and Engineers in our group. All of us are students from Uppsala university interested in the field of Synthetic Biology. The mixing of international master students of different programs gives our team a broad base of knowledge and skills in all sciences that compose the field of synthetic biology. Moreover we are a highly composite group with different ethnic backgrounds bound by a common desire to achieve.

Uppsala University has a long history of making valuable contributions in biochemistry and biotechnology. There are many research groups at the university working with projects related to Synthetic Biology. Our team is supported by the department of Photochemistry & Molecular Science (Fotomol).

The iGEM team of Uppsala Sweden in 2009 worked on biofuel production through direct synthesis from sunlight.