An Integrated Platform Based on Bacterial Microcompartment for de novo Proteinaceous Artificial Organelles

Part Ⅰ: Fusion Proteins to Identify the Localization of BMC

From the following picture(Fig 1), we can identify the structure and Localization of BMC.

USTC2010 Results of Fusion Protein-RFP-A(1).jpg

 Fig 1: Results of fusion protein --- RFP-A

Part Ⅱ: Fusion Proteins for Transportation into BMC

The series of studies presented here demonstrates that a short N-terminal peptide is necessary and sufficient for association of proteins with BMC and likely mediates packaging within the interior of BMC.

USTC2010 Result of Fusion Protein P L-GFP(1).jpg USTC2010 Result of Fusion Protein P L-GFP(2).jpg USTC2010 Result of Fusion Protein P L-GFP(3).jpg USTC2010 Result of Fusion Protein P L-GFP(4).jpg

 Fig 2: Results of fusion protein --- PduP_L-GFP

Part Ⅲ: Fusion Proteins for BMC Purification

The localization of BMC can be observed in Fig 3, which is expressed by the fusion protein of PduV[1-98] and GFP.

USTC2010 Results of Fusion Protein V S-GFP(1).jpg

Fig 3: Results of fusion protein --- PduV_S-GFP