Team:USTC/Notebook/Meetings/16 September 2010



colony PCR to test pduN.

colony PCR before miniprep ×40

double digest of ABJKTUV in promoter and pduN.

storage of bacterial ×36


PCR test of pduN (N-r, N-f) Model: NTUV plm.-1/-2/-3; NTUV plm.2 No.1-2-3-4; ABJKNTUV#2-#9-#5;TUV5(AD);NULL

PCR test of pduN (N-r, N-f) Model: NTUV plm.-2/-3; NTUV plm.2 No.4-1-2-3; ABJKNTUV#2-#9-#5;TUV5(AD);N(+);NULL

Fastdigest cutting: pduN (Insert,X,P) & Promotor (Vector,S,P)

miniprep: NU1-8;JK1-1-8;RBS1-2

Sending to sequence test: JK1-4-7;NU1-4-7;RBS1-2