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Can you name any ways synthetic biology or genetic engineering has affected your life?

i am sure many of the foods i eat are genetically engineered.
different fruits
I'm sure there are ways, but I am not specifically aware of what they are.
I suppose we're genetically engineering crops & livestock. I don't know exactly how I feel about that. On one hand, we can make farming & food production much more efficient. On the other, we lack long-term studies & things like one-cycle seeds are scary.
I am positive it has in some way, but I don't know.
probably many ways that i dont even know, such as produce and agriculture, and even livestock.
It's affected a friend of mine. One of my friends has a genetic muscular/neurological disease. Basically, his body releases some sort of poison if he has too much fat in his blood stream. I've seem him rushed to the hospital vomiting and too weak to stand as a complication of this disease. He had 2 older siblings who died of this but his parents didn't realize it then. He was tested using genetic testing immedietly after he was born and his parents helped make it a law that every baby in the state of Illinois is tested for this disease. I'm not really sure if this synthetic biology/genetic engineering, but it seemed sort of relevent. Without genetic testing, he wouldn't be alive and be my friend. They also use genetic engineering in plants to make plants with desired attributes and in making vaccines. To my understanding, the food I eat has been made affordable and accessible through genetic engineering methods. Genetically engineered crops, vaccines--that's all that comes to mind now.
Nothing to my knowledge, yet...
Not really.
It makes the food I eat more attractive and delicious, and it makes people hate corporations like Monsanto.
Genetically engineered plants and animals, especially in food. Also, many drugs are made and mass produced using synthetic biology.
Pretty much all the food we eat has been affected.
Many of the foods I eat are genetically engineered, but I do not know wish because that kind of labeling is not mandated in this country. Also, many important organic molecules such as insulin, which friends of mine use, is mass produced because of genetic engineering.
Research Lab
Some plants are genetically engineered (for example to stay fresh longer). Also, viruses can be genetically altered to fix defective genes that a person may have by implanting a corrected one.
Probably made my food cheaper, more abundant, or more nutritious
crops, disease prevention,
Genetic modified food/source of raw material.
Immunizations/vaccines (maybe?)
genetically modified foods (presumably increases yields and drives prices lower)
I believe the above would refer to genetic engineering, not synthetic biology (assuming they are different). I'm not exactly sure of what the term "synthetic biology" means...I never liked biology...
I participated in iGEM and that was pretty awesome. Genetic engineering has affected more and more areas of my life the more I investigate. Almost 95% of corn grown in the US has been genetically modified (and patented by Monsanto) and corn is used in nearly everything in the supermarket. Genetic engineering affects everyone.
It has not yet affected me, that I can recall, but I expect it will very much affect me in the future.
I don't think there are any ways.
I'm sure there are many daily applications that come from synthetic biology. Makes finding new medicines easier.
Using cells to create massive amounts of insulin for my family members.
Sorry, I'm not sure, but probably much of the food I eat that I buy from the store without thinking about it has been genetically engineered.
I know that it is utilized to engineer crops to be more hardy and produce more crops
Genetic engineered plants are valuable food sources.
I have no idea, but I'm sure it has somehow.
GMOs - the food I eat. Testing of products without the use of living organisms
It is often part of the food I eat and the way it is produced. I.E., I am aware that genetic engineering has resulted in pest resistant corn seed.
I am aware that genetic engineering has and can help eliminate congenital and hereditary defects, as well as stop cancer cells from growing.
My cousin worked for a company that produced synthetic blood for transfusions
Vitamin A in my rice, larger produce
Not that I am aware of.
GMO crops so far have had a negative affect on my life (not personally) but it's produced less diversity in crops, introduced invasive species, and had just become a matter of commercial gain (i.e. Monsanto).
I have relatives with pacemakers, plastic hips, etc.
The government acknowledged my request and provided me with bionic arms.

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